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Due to being busy with admininstrative work and running my YouTube channel, I don’t have much space for new students at the moment. That is why I increased the price of my one-on-one lessons, which is now $35 per hour. If you want to have lessons with me, please contact me via email to discuss the time of the lessons and other details.
If it turns out that my schedule is already full or we cannot find a good time for the lessons for both of us due to a large difference in time zones, you can also book lessons with my fellow tutors who are located in different time zones than me.

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All my fellow tutors are in line with our method, so you can be sure you will get the result you expect. The method we use is based on the right sequence of the lexico-grammatical material with extensive practice at each step, which means each Russian grammar topic is practiced with the help of various speaking and memorization exercises until the concept is established in the student’s neural network as “their own” (as opposed to “alien” that it was before). The exercises imply a lot of oral work and interaction with the teacher rather than doing written exercises in a course book. The effect of the exercises is reinforced with less controlled speaking practice with the teacher. You can learn more about why this method works when learning Russian here.

You can book a lesson with either of my fellow tutors at the cheapest price of $25 per hour here.

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